Holiday Season's Greetings 2012/2013 from the Masuokas

Holiday Season's Greetings 2012/2013
from the Masuokas

Happy holidays! Please find our Holiday Season's Greeting Card for 2012/2013 below.

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I would like to keep studying hard while keeping myself healthy.

Sei, Pasadena, CA
Sei - Jack of Spades Holoiday Greeting Card for 2012/2013 Ryusuke - King of Spades Two big changes in 2012 - From US to Japan and then outside Fujitsu. I am looking forward to more changes in 2013. I also would like to lose 10kg (about 20lbs).

Ryusuke, Tokyo, Japan
Last year, I spent a lot of time exercising through activities such as walking, hiking, and golfing. This year, I hope to keep exercising, while successfully returning to Japan in June.

Takako, San Jose, CA
Takako - Queen of Hearts So - Joker The year 2012 has been hectic with the second semester of my junior year and the first semester of senior year. However, I am almost approaching the end of my high school career, and afterwards, hoping to move onto college.

So, San Jose, CA

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